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Dornheim Consulting–Technology and Innovation

We offer continually developed and skillfully combined state-of-the-art technologies to provide you the decisive advantage

Dornheim Consulting is your leading technology provider for processing and analysis of image and sensor data. Whether from natural or technical origin, data from highly diverse sources can be processed. We offer the best possible results in all types of conventional industrial image processing, and for tasks which, until now, could only be solved by human screening.

We offer you a broad service portfolio, including the selection and control of sensor and camera hardware; intelligent data processing on servers, PCs, and embedded devices; and intuitive user interfaces using PCs, Web Servers, smartphones, or tablets. We are also happy to develop complete system solutions for you. Furthermore, we support you with our engineering expertise in your projects, whether through project management, feasibility studies, or concrete image analysis and visualization services. Are quality and technology important you? Then you have found the right partner in us.

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