Hardware integration

Image analysis solutions consist of hardware and software. With us everything fits perfectly together

A high-quality system solution cannot be purchased “off the shelf”. A lot of experience and technical knowledge are required to be able to choose the right hardware components, to use the appropriate bus or communication system, to optimize the software drivers, to find the best algorithms and to parameterize them, and finally to present everything to the users in a proper way. In these areas our team feels right at home.

Take a look at the hardware spectrum below and find out how we can support you. And if something you are expecting is not listed, just contact us. Special hardware is the area of expertise of some of our employees, who are happy to assist you even with unusual requests. Denn spezielle Hardware ist das Interessengebiet einiger unserer Mitarbeiter, die Ihnen gerne auch bei ausgefallenen Wünschen zur Seite stehen.

Hardware spectrum:

  • Selection and integration of industrial cameras (GigE Vision, USB, ...)
  • Integration, control, and measurement of digital cameras (Canon, Minolta, ...)
  • Integration and control of other sensors (photosensors, measuring sensors, ...)
  • Design and optimization of TCP / UDP IP networks, network programming
  • Design and control of bus systems (CAN bus, PROFIBUS, EtherCat, ...)
  • Software development for embedded systems
  • Software development for real-time systems
  • Software development for smartphones and mobile devices
  • Design, assembly, and integration of servers, PC hardware, and PC components
  • Planning, calculation, and integration of lighting (white and color light, infrared, ...)
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