Software development

You get more than you expect: algorithm and software creation is our passion

Our large, broad-based team, consisting of computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers, is eager to find solutions for you in all algorithm and software development tasks. We have experts for every detail necessary in a high-quality, technologically advanced data processing chain, be it system-wide real-time signal processing or high-level object classification.

Take a look at the technological spectrum below and find out how we can support you. And if something you are expecting is not listed, just contact us. We are happy to fulfill individual wishes; that's the special appeal of our activities.


Algorithmic and methodical spectrum

  • Machine learning and statistical methods
  • Deep Learning and neuronal networks
  • Real-time and offline image analysis in 2D and 3D
  • Signal processing of any sensor data
  • Recognition, tracking, and classification of objects
  • Segmentation of objects and datasets
  • Recognition and comparison of writing
  • Recognition of bar codes, QR codes, and other codes
  • Camera calibration functions
  • Stereo image processing and 3D reconstruction
  • Image registration and data fusion
  • 2D and 3D structure measurement and shape comparison
  • Generation and processing of 3D meshes
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • User interfaces for data visualization and processing
  • Parallelization on processor and graphics-card level
  • Cryptography and encryption
  • Management and archiving of images and data
  • Transmission of images and data



    Technical spectrum:

    • PC platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, ...)
    • Mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Raspberry pi, ...)
    • Programming languages (C / C++ / C#, Java / Java EE, Objective C,
      Delphi, Visual Basic, Assembler, ...)
    • Scientific toolkits (Open CV, VTK, ITK, NumPy, PyTorch, ...)
    • Scripting languages (Python, PHP, Ruby / Rails, TCL / TK, Perl, SH, ...)
    • Widget tool kits (QT, wxWidgets, system-specific toolkits, ...)
    • Mathematical languages (MATLAB / Simulink, Octave, S-PLUS / R, ...)
    • Database languages (SQL, ...)
    • Server services (cloud, web server, databases, email, SMB, backup, …)
    • Network and system security (encryption, interface protection, firewall, …)
    • Web server connections (Apache, Nginx, ...)
    • System and hardware drivers (Linux modules, camera drivers, ...)
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