Administration and documents

Paper documents will not disappear in the future, but it will be necessary to process and archive them electronically. A central challenge in this area is the recognition and sometimes also the visualization of human handwriting–features people don't want to dispense with. This type of data is characterized by a large number of variants and frequent artifacts (overlaps, interruptions, incompleteness, etc.), problems which can often only be solved by the use of contextual knowledge. In addition to the recognition of handwriting, standard tasks–such as the identification of codes or printed text–play a decisive role in this area, whereby reliance in the recognition process is very important. However, there are also other special topics regarding documents: e.g., the analysis of printed layouts and forms, or the targeted search for exact or similar content (texts, pictures, layouts, etc.), which require special expertise. We have exactly the right experts for the whole area, since for this case the image analysis of technical and non-technical data must be connected with contextual knowledge.

We develop software for you in the following areas:

  • Document processing
  • Library and archive systems
  • Authorities and administration
  • Passports / notification system
  • Postal services

Relevant topics in these areas are:

  • Printing and handwriting recognition
  • Layout and form recognition
  • Image and graphics search
  • Document comparison
  • VComparison, validation, and identification of signatures
  • Book and document digitization
  • Detection of numbers and labels
  • Detection and processing of bar codes, QR codes, position markers, etc.
Comparison of a signature with a deposited signature sample
Text recognition of handwriting in forms
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