Agriculture, archeology, and culture

In archeology, both the consideration of the large scale (excavation fields, landscape units) as well as the small one (finds, artifacts, detailed traces), play a role. This is also the case in agriculture, where, on the one hand, whole fields are measured, but on the other hand individual grains have to be detected. In both areas modern image analysis can open up new possibilities, be it in surveying, quality control, or documentation.

Often, we are dealing with data that is recorded outdoors and is therefore characterized by challenges such as pollution, incompleteness, weather artifacts, etc. In addition, the amount of data can grow rapidly. Here, robust technologies are required, which also deliver top-quality results outdoors and under all conditions. You will get these technologies from us, since the image analysis of natural, non-technical data is of great importance, and we are very experienced in the processing of large, artifact-rich data types.

The results of archaeological research are, however, often found in museums, as well as various types of ancient and modern works of art. Here too, image analysis can support research and documentation. Furthermore, especially suitable 3D reconstruction and 3D visualization can significantly increase the visitors’ experience. The quality of the data and its presentation is decisive. Often the corresponding background knowledge is necessary, e.g., from medicine and forensics, if mummies and bog bodies are to be reconstructed and visualized three-dimensionally. We are the best partner in this interdisciplinary environment, as we have the technological experience in the reconstruction and visualization of non-technical data, as well as the corresponding background knowledge from medicine, forensics, measurement technology, etc.

We develop software for you in the following areas:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Archeology
  • Arts and crafts
  • Museums

Relevant topics in these areas are:

  • Harvest classification and quantification
  • Plant and phenotype analysis
  • Wood survey and assessment
  • Aerial image analysis and measurement
  • 3D surveying, reconstruction, and visualization of finds and works of art
  • Optical analysis and improvement of old manuscripts, signs, and paintings
  • 3D reconstructions and visualizations of mummies, bog bodies, and historical animal finds
  • 3D installations for virtual museums and arts
Real-time grain recognition for immediate quality and quantity determination of a crop
3D-reconstruction of the skull from the CT data of a historical bog body
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