Materials engineering, construction, and measurement technology

Fine structures and small changes can be examined and measured by optical / sensor-based systems. This is an important prerequisite for making technical and non-technical progress. The results can be important for the development and assessment of new materials; they can be used for the acquisition of design parameters or entire CAD models from 3D reconstructions; and they are also useful for the analysis of defective prototypes, competitors' devices, or unusual series products. No matter what has to be measured in detail–the structure of a surface, a spatial deformation or the wear on components–precision is always the most important criterion. Often it is even possible to measure without contact and during operation process.

Not only in the small scale, but also in the large one (wind power plants, shipbuilding, etc.) and in unusual measurement tasks, innovative approaches are required. They are partly based on the same technologies, but of course have to be implemented differently. 3D reconstruction is often the key to the desired data. We are at home in this entire spectrum and have always had the right solution–from the measurement quality application to the special measurement on very small or large structures.

We develop software for you in the following areas:

  • Measuring
  • Calibration
  • Object analysis and -reengineering
  • Material analysis

Relevant topics in these areas are:

  • Optical 2D and 3D measuring
  • Volumetric measuring
  • Target-performance comparison
  • Deformation analysis
  • Surface measuring and assessment
  • Wear analysis
  • Device and plant reengineering
  • Optical calibration
  • Camera and sensor calibration
  • Texture and structure analysis and comparison
  • Voltage and flaw detection
  • Detection of inclusions, impurities, etc.
  • 3D segmentation of industrial and micro-CT images (single and multi-material)
  • CAD model generation from volume data sets and point clouds
  • Segmentation of 3D ultrasound recordings
  • Object recognition and classification
  • Bulk material classification and quantification
Component reconstruction using a point cloud from a 3D-Scan
Crack detection in the context of final quality control
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