Sports, fitness, and rehabilitation

In modern competitive sports, there is the expectation of continuous improvement. Nowadays, this is only possible with technical, state-of-the-art support. These technologies, like the sport itself, are characterized by speed and accuracy. Modern, high-precision image analysis and 3D reconstruction techniques can be used to analyze and optimize training. During competition, real-time image measurement technologies can extract intermediate states, accurate results, and additional information. Skilled 3D reconstructions can give the sport something special. However, the possibilities for training optimization and performance assessment are also directly applicable and useful in related fields, such as the fitness area and the rehabilitation sector. We are your specialists for these applications, which require special experience with non-technical image data, 3D reconstruction, and medical background knowledge.

We develop software for you in the following areas:

  • Analysis of sports
  • Sportscasts
  • Rehabilitation support
  • Fitness diagnostics

Relevant topics in these areas are:

  • Optical motion analysis
  • Comparison of training target-performance
  • Body measurement and 3D reconstruction
  • Posture and mobility measurement
  • Real-time measurement
  • Surveying and real-time on-screen displaying of videos and transmissions in sports
Analysis of motion patterns by recognition and tracking of players
Motion analysis based on dynamic, optical body model adaptation
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